Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Rapunzel had a wonderful time celebrating with Princess Lucy!

Thank you Lucy for the BEST DAY EVER!

Monday, April 22, 2013

National Princess Week!-Snow's Favorite Things

This week starts the 2nd annual
National Princess Week
founded by the remarkably talented Queen of all Princesses-
Julie Andrews!
To kick start this week, Storybook Adventures has a special video just for you!

Stay tuned the rest of the week to hear from our other honored guests!
While you are waiting, visit Julie's website here for 30 ways to celebrate with your little princess!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Finally Fairies

Two summers ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph these BEAUTIFUL sisters.
They were amazing.
This might have been the most fun I've ever had in my life!

Hunger Games Pt 2

As I said before (in this post here
My family got together to have a Hunger Games... Bash (brawl?)
(We love any excuse to get messy.)
So here are some more pictures, because, WHY NOT?
And some tips I learned along the way by trial and error...

  • Invite your tributes. We just called everyone, but to be more creative, you can hold a "reaping" beforehand and draw everyone's name to represent different "Districts"
  • Prepare your Cornucopia:
    -I made paint balloons and it was NOT a good idea. It was ridiculous actually. It took me about 4 hours to fill up approx. 15 balloons. I used a syringe and tried to dilute the paint with water and fill them up but it was horrendous. Unless you can think of a faster, more efficient way of doing so, skip this idea.

    -The best paint you can find at Hobby Lobby and look like this: you can dilute it to get more out of it as well. 
-Fill eggs with paint... Yes! 
(this was an idea I saw on pinterest!)

 -Fill squirt guns/buckets from the dollar store. Get sponges and water bottles as well. 

  • Find an "Arena". We had a park across the street from us with a wide open field and a pavilion.
  • Offer a "last meal" before hand of our favorite goodies everyone brought. 
  • Wear White, it helps the colors show up better. Me and my hubby were representing District 1, since we saw ourselves as "Career's" and all that. Just kidding, that would have been a good idea to have everyone represent a certain district and have one specific color they used so by the end, you could see who did the most damage.

  • Make sure you have an audience. The Capitol is always watching. (These were the people who couldnt get dirty, but still wanted to watch. 
  • Line everyone up for the Countdown. The rules were: After zero, you had a chance to run to the "Cornucopia" (aka pavilion) and get your weapon. You then had to clear out and wait exactly 1 minute before going after everyone. One minute ended up being too long. We all ran and got our stuff and booked it out of there, then we were standing around eyeballin, everyone waiting for what seemed like forever. Then my Dad, was loading up on everything else left there. (Smart man) I'd suggest something MUCH shorter. 15 seconds maybe? 

  • 3...2...1...0!

  • Bring garbage bags and towels for your guests, if its warm out, hook up a hose to spray 'em down before going home. 
  • Some other thoughts after the Games: You could even have Effie Trinket, come host your party. (Storybook Adventures would love to provide her!) If you can, have a photographer come take pictures. She ran around snapping away. These pictures were definitely worth it! 

Hunger Games

Last year,
In honor of the movie, Hunger Games, opening a few weeks ago, my family decided to have a little fun.
We had our own "Hunger Games"
We all got together and had the most awesomest paint war ever. Yes, I said awesomest.
That's because it is.

Stay tuned for post number two with tips on how to throw your OWN 
Hunger Games party.